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Tour to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is quickly becoming the most impressive country on the map of Africa due to a rich heritage, a multitude of cultures and dramatic geography. What many visitors do not know is that in this land of ancient traditions and diversity, exist a series of Wonders that are discovered and rediscovered by a small select group of adventurous visitors every day. Now you can join this unique group and discover an unknown part of the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia’s wonders

Ethiopia’s wonders include natural wonders, historical wonders, animal wonders and religious wonders. These wonders are found in Ethiopia’s selection of inspiring National Parks as well as Ethiopia’s Christian and Muslim historical hubs where pilgrims and believers have gathered to pray to their creators for centuries. These wonders of course include the unknown history of the human race—Lucy’s birthplace—where science has pinpointed man’s first steps.

Wonders of Ethiopia Tours combines our instinctive travel expertise with client comforts to create an unforgettable African experience in the heart of one of the world’s most alluring destinations. As you navigate our website, you will see ideas for tour groups and we invite visitors to combine and match itineraries to create the trip of a lifetime through the Wonders of Ethiopia!
Many visitors wonder about the Wonders of Ethiopia and how long they should spend visiting Ethiopia. At Wonders of Ethiopia Tours, we recommend between 2 and 3 weeks to truly get a vibrant vision of the Wonders of Ethiopia waiting for you!

Every corner is a destination in itself and visiting the Historical North, the Tribal Cultures of the South and the Muslim East will provide an assorted picture of the great country once known as Abyssinia. You and your friends will start planning the next adventure!

And if you are looking for adventure, you will combine a visit to the rugged Simien Mountains, surreal Danakil Depression and the highland plateaus of Tigray’s desert Gheralta mountains. You will pass through the Awash National Park on your way to the lush forests of the Bale Mountains and flirt with hippos and crocodiles in the Nechisar National Park.
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